• Congratulations to Ali Nickerson (recent MFA student @ the UofA) on her recent exhibitions!
  • Congratulations to Alexandra Duncan (PhD student in the History of Art, Design, and Visual Culture @ the UofA) on a recent book chapter published in Understanding Graffiti. Her chapter (“Chapter 9: From the Street to the Gallery”) discusses the shifts in meaning and efficacy of street art work and graffiti when relocated from public urban spaces to a private gallery setting, with a case study of Paris street artist ZEVS and his show “Liquidated Version” at the De Buck gallery in 2011. Congrats Ally!
  • Thank you to Stacia @ Other Peoples Pixels for featuring me in this interview!
  • Inaugural RACAR Polemics section on Research-Creation published June 2015.
  • I am thrilled to have participated and connected with a web of wonderful academics, artists, curators, mothers, and hybrids of all sorts at Motherhood and Creative Practice in London and The Mothernists in Rotterdam this past week!  Thanks to all who made it possible. Video recordings available here.