Art H 336

Introduction to Performance Art: Explorations in Form and Practice

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This course will introduce students to key themes in contemporary performance art. These include art & life, endurance, duration, action, body art, social practice & intervention. While we will ground each unit in art historical debate, the course is primarily focussed on contemporary practices and as such will include regular “performance research” exercises and in-class Skype visits with contemporary performance artists, and, when possible, a master class with a visiting artist. *

* while not mandatory, it is highly recommended to have taken ARTH 256 and 226 prior to ART 336.

Some of the work that will be performed, read, or viewed may be opposed to your expectations, to your tastes, and/or to societal norms. You will be confronted with material that may be considered disturbing, irreverent, disgusting, graphic, shocking, etc. Continued enrollment in this class constitutes an agreement to view such materials. You are always permitted to leave the classroom if you need to, for any reason. I only ask that you talk to me in office hours later so I can make sure you are OK and reassess the material if needed.