I am currently (Fall 2019) teaching Art and Social Justice (special topics in the History of Art, Design, and Visual Culture) at the 300 level.

Next semester (Winter 2020) I am co-teaching a 400/500-level course with Dr. Steven Harris called The Content of the Form.

Regularly taught courses include:

  • Themes in Contemporary Art (200-level)

  • Art and/in the Anthropocene (400/500-level)

  • Introduction to Performance Art Theory and Practice (300-level)

Previously taught courses (that might be brought back into rotation) include:

  • Sex, Gender, and Visual Culture (200-level)

  • Art and the Pedagogical Turn (400/500-level)

  • Research-Creation in Theory and Practice (400/500-level)

If you are interested in taking courses with me, or in learning more about being an HADVC major or doing an honours thesis with me, please get in touch.