In 2011, drawing on the theoretical frameworks of feminist "new" materialism, I developed the term "New Maternalisms" to refer to contemporary performance-based feminist art practices with maternal content. In 2012, FADO's Shannon Cochrane invited me to curate New Maternalisms at the Mercer Union in Toronto. In 2014, New Maternalisms-Chile  (co-curated with Soledad Novoa Donoso) opened at the National Museum in Santiago, Chile.  Since, the term has been taken up and is the title for an upcoming volume by Demeter Press

Websites for both exhibitions can be found here.

The catalogue for New Maternalisms can be found here.

> Review essays can be found here (by Petra Hroch) and here (by Jennie Klein).

The catalogue for New Maternalisms-Chile can be found here.

  • interviews and press for New Maternalisms-Chile:
    • Cultura Viva (live culture ) Radio Universidad de Santiago de Chile ( 94.5 fm