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Maternal Ecologies: A Story in Three Parts

Edited volume chapter
Editors: Amber E. Kinser, Kryn Freehling-Burton and Terri Hawkes
Volume Title: Performing Motherhood 
Press: Demeter Press
Year: 2015
Description: Auto-ethnographic essay describing a 3-year performance-based research-creation project.

The Materiality of Duration: Between Ice-Time and Water-Time

What: journal article
Editor: Richard Gough
Journal Issue: Performance Research 18 (6): 129-136 [Special Issue: On Ice]
Press: Routledge
Year: 2014
Description: Description and analysis of artist Marilyn Arsem’s durational ice and water performances.

Practice In The Flesh Of Theory: Art, Research and the Fine Arts PhD

What: journal article
Editors: Kim Sawchuk and Andrea Zeffiro
Journal Issue:  Canadian Journal of Communications 37(1): 93-108 [Special Issue: Media Arts Revisited]
Year: 2012
Description:  Examination of the relationships between “practice” and “theory” in contemporary arts-based research in the context of the emerging Fine Arts PhD in North America. 

Reading with Knots: On Jane Gallop’s Anecdotal Theory

What:  journal article
Editors: Anneleen Masschelein, Maarten De Pourcq, and Dominiek Hoens.
Journal Issue:  S: The Journal of the Jan van Eyck Circle for Lacanian Ideology Critique Vol. 4: 24-36  [Special issue: Sign of the Times]
Year: 2011
Description:  On Jane Gallop’s conception of “anecdotal theory” as pedagogical tool. 

Affecting Bodies

What: edited volume chapter
Editors: T. Christine Jespersen, Alicita Rodríguez, and Joseph Starr  
Volume Title: The Anatomy of Body Worlds: Critical Essays on Gunther von Hagens' Plastinated Cadavers
Press: McFarland and Company
Year: 2008
Description: Analysis of display practices and ideologies in Gunther von Hagens’s European and North American exhibitions of Bodyworlds.  

Kanarinka in Conversation with Natalie Loveless

What: Interview-based book chapter
In: Unsitely Aesthetics
Author: Maria Miranda
Editor: Errant Bodies Press
Year: 2013
Description:  Interview with the US based artist Kanarinka of iKatun on her work with sites and publics

Review of The M Word

What: Book Review of The M Word: Real Mothers in Contemporary Art edited by Jennie Klein and Meryl
Journal Issue:  Studies in the Maternal, Volume 5(1).
Year: 2013

Participatory Politics

What: Exhibition Review of THINK AGAIN at the Worcester Art Museum
Journal Issue:  Afterimage: The Journal of Media Arts and Cultural Criticism 32(2): 31-32.
Year: 2010
Description: Review of THINK AGAIN’s Actions Speak, a large-scale mural installation at the Worcester Art Museum.

Affect, Ritual and Materiality in FADO’s Survey From Singapore

What: Performance Program Review
For:  FADO Performance Art Critical Writings Series.
Year: 2010
Description: Review essay of the FADO hosted evening of Singaporean performance art, “Survey of Singapore

7a*11d International Performance Festival Blog

What: Performance Writing
For:  FADO Performance Art Critical Writings Series.
Year: 2010
Description: description andreflection on 20 performances over 10 days during Toronto’s 7a*11d  international performance art festival in October 2010