Critical Conscious Raising: Feminist Conversation and Debate for the 21st Century

An edited volume bringing a cross section of contemporary feminist voices together in dialogue. In Process.

New Maternalisms Redux

A hybrid catalogue/ edited volume with commissioned substantial essays on each of the five artists featured in the exhibition. Authors include Irina Aristarkhova, Andrea Liss, Jennie Klein, Deirdre Donoghue, and Rachel Epp Buller. (published by the department of Art and Design, University of Alberta). 224 pages. 2018


“Feminist Intergenerational Inheritance: A conversation between Natalie S. Loveless and Mary Kelly” in Elena Marchevska and Valerie (eds.), Maternal in creative work: Intergenerational discussions on motherhood and art, Routledge (Interdisciplinary Gender Studies series). With editors but not yet out for review. (6,094 words) 2019

“Maternal Bodies and Collective Action: A curated conversation led by Natalie S. Loveless with Christa Donner, Andrea Francke, Kim Dhillon, and Martina Mullaney” in Rachel Epp Buller and Charles Reeves (eds.), Inappropriate Bodies, Demeter Press. With editors but not yet out for review. (8,395words) 2019

“Maternal Mattering: The Performance and Politics of the Maternal in Contemporary Feminist Art” in Hilary Robinson and Maria Elena Buszek (eds.), The Companion to Feminist Art Practice and Theory, Wiley-Blackwell. (8,779 words) 2019

Contemporary Mamactivist Artists: A Forum on Maternal Activist Art

An edited forum for a special issue on The Everyday Maternal Practice: Activist Structures in Creative Work, Summer 2016. Studies in the Maternal. 8(2), p.15. DOI: 2016

“Maternal Ecologies: A Story in Three Parts,” in Amber Kinser, Kryn Freehling-Burton, and Terri Hawkes (eds.), Performing Motherhood, Demeter Press. (6,160 words) 2015

“Review of The M Word: Real Mothers in Contemporary Art by Jennie Klein and Meryl Chernik,” Studies in the Maternal, Vol. 5 (1). (2247 words) 2013